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September 10, 2006



Hi and wow!
as I said before I never worked on rug making and for me this is amazing! thank you for sharing! I liked your explanations very much!
bye, manela


Your rugs are beautiful!! I'm a beginning "hooker" and love it! What kind of dyes do you use? I want to try my hand at that but I'm not sure what to get on a limited budget. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


well - what a surprise! the cutter is like nothing I have ever seen! I cut with a rotary cutter on a cutting mat, or with scissors by eye for small amounts. the frame looks just great - I have to sew my backing onto a wooden frame - then the whole thing is so bulky and cumbersome - the 'vecro' sides means you can move the work around to wherever you need it - this must be wonderful! I thought you would cut thinner than that as you get such a wonderfully detailed finish. go and look at http://www.jujulovespolkadots.typepad.com/ today - she has 2 wonderful rugs on her blog.THANKYOU for this close up of your work - I love it!!
take care


Thanks for the photos on the process. It was very interesting. I never did hook rugs. I love the design.
Take Care Julia


what kind of hook do you use?


Love your Blog! I'm a Hooker too!

David Hinz

Where did you get that cool octagonal hooking frame?! I would like more information please.


I have the same type of frame for my rug hooking but I've had problems with moving my rug. When my rug is hooked and then moved, sometimes the hooking gets pulled out by the velcro. How can one avoid that? While I know that ideally the velcro would not touch the hooked part of the rug, because of the size of the rug sometimes that cannot be avoided. Any helpful hints?


The only hint I have is lift it and pull it off slowly and carefully.....sorry not very insightful. I have one pull sometimes, but not often.

Jackie Bettinger

I'm a beginner and really love doing this but have a question. I've gathered wool jackets from goodwill etc., I've washed them like I'm suppose to but can you tell me how to get the facing off the wool? I'm sure you aren't suppose to hook with it on! Is there an easier way than just sitting there and picking it off?
Thank You

Brenda Beerhorst

No easier Way! Some people have tried steam and such -- but not worth it. I usually pull off what comes off easily. If it stubbornly will not budge with pulling -I just toss it -- Unless I really think it is an extraordinary - awesome wool, then I will use it... if it doesn't show when I hook it in. But mostly on Jacket/blazers, the back and sleeves are the best...

abby julien

I have had a lot of problems with the hooked wool pulling off when I reposition the burlap on the velcro frame. What am I doing wrong?
I am a beginner.

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