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August 31, 2012




Cathy G

She is so sweet!! I'm am beyond happy that she will make a full recovery! Home sweet Home on Sunday!! Yeah!!
Continued thoughts and prayers for all!!
Cathy G

Sondra Ives

So glad Grace is doing better. And Miss Grace you look like you have improved. Brenda, I just read that you asked me how it went for me. Fine once I got medicine. My husband and I were in Burmuda and apparently I was allergic to everything on the island. I ended up taking a taxi to the ER because I knew I would never be able to fly home otherwise. A sinus infection is bad enough, but when it advances it is miserable. You and Grace have folks out here praying for her quick recovery. XXXOOO to Miss Grace.


Roberta King

Pleased to hear she is doing better and that you are seeing (and she is seeing) the light. Take care.


So glad for good news, Brenda! By now, she is home and snug in her own bed!! Continued healing to Grace!!

Jenny McCarthy

I know how this could have been avoided! Bacteria from a sinus infection (often Haemophilus influenzae) usually cause this condition in children. Orbital cellulitis due to this bacteria used to be much more common in young children up to age 6 – 7. However, such infection is now rare because of the HiB (Haemophilus influenzae B) vaccine.

This is why you vaccinate your kids.

Brenda Beerhorst

Our children are vaccinated. Grace, had a hairline fracture near the same eye a few years back, this may have played a role in this now uncommon condition.


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