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February 29, 2012



Brenda, my Dad was a beekeeper before he passed away. Now my 23 year old son has become a beekeeper, and he loves it. I remember seeing honey bees EVERYWHERE when I was a child. I see them less now that years have gone by. We really do need more beekeepers! Bees are a wonderful and fascinating subject!


This is something I've always been interested in....we've got lots of honey bees and carpenter bees, but not sure where the honey bees live at. Can't wait to see more and hear more about them. I've read a lot about bees and the plight of them that has been caused by pesticides....when are people going to wake up?! I know you have, and bless you for that!


I've loved bees forever. I've wanted to become a beekeeper for years. At some point, I may try a hive here at the new house. But, first, I need to get a garden going. I love everything about beekeeping...honey, beeswax...it's all wonderful! Keep us posted!

Brenda Beerhorst

I love all your enthusiasm! I am just "buzzed" about bees right now... trying to learn about capturing a wild swarm... so interesting. I will definitely keep you all posted!

julie whitmore

Dear Brenda,
I've got lots (and lots) of rosemary in my garden and lavender, that draws the bees who travel in a radius of about four to six miles for nectar. There are more beekeepers than ever now, and I've heard guilds are springing up too. I think we are on the virge of a real age of artisan honey by these beekeeps.

Brenda Beerhorst

How lovely your garden must be! I think I see a trend towards backyard bees gaining momentum in the USA... just like backyard hens a few years back. It is exciting how this grassroots network is building around the world!

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